Welcome to Bailey

Students enjoy a tour of Drury University's campus as part of our leadership program.

What Makes Bailey Unique?

Since 1988, Bailey Alternative High School has been a success. Bailey offers a small community of students and teachers who work together to create a safe and respectful learning environment. A low staff-to-student ratio facilitates one-on-one learning opportunities. A variety of learning styles are addressed through individualized curriculum, service learning, project based education, volunteerism, and the ability to earn some elective credit by maintaining a job.

Students are eligible to apply if they reside in the attendance area of Springfield’s five high schools. After completing the interview process, acceptance is determined by the program’s ability to meet the student’s needs and desire to participate and achieve success. Bailey strives to meet the needs of an evolving student population.

Students at Bailey become a part of our family. Weekly celebration assemblies and team-building activities foster this feeling of community.


When you enter our building, it is immediately evident that Bailey is on an alternative setting. Our classrooms all vary in atmosphere, student artwork and hand prints from each student who has attended Bailey for each year he or she was here cover the hall walls. First names are used as teachers and students engage in the learning process together. Students at Bailey become a part of our family. Weekly celebration assemblies and team-building activities foster this feeling of community.


When students enter the Bailey program, they are assigned an adviser with whom they meet with on a daily basis until they graduate. Their advisers teach our first class of the days, Life 101. The adviser works one-on-one with the student as well as their advisory group that works as a team to help development strategies students need to enhance professional, personal, and academic success.

Meeting Diverse Needs

Bailey serves students from all five Springfield High Schools ranging in age from 14 to 21 and needing credits ranging from 25 to 1.0 to graduate. Our waiting list runs on average about 60 students throughout the school year. Most students who get into Bailey stay with us until they graduate. Bailey also has quarterly graduations and takes in new students each quarter. A multitude of student needs are met through a flexible schedule, credit recovery, our Missouri Option Program, our parenting and nursery program, and various other components. New experiences are provided through diverse educational trips where students are invited to speak at the National Service Learning program to Bailey students being representatives on district committees as well as community ones, such as the Youth Empowerment Committee (YEP) through the Community Partnership.

Beyond Bailey

It is the goal of the Bailey staff that all students who graduate have a plan in the next step of their journey. For some that is going directly to college, cosmetology school, or a vocational program. For others that is time to work and save money for a vehicle or a place to live on their own. For others still it is time to spend raising their child. Many Bailey students return in the years following their graduation when they are ready to pursue post-secondary education and we give them the help they need to get started.

  • Bailey is the perfect school for me because there are not as many people. The teachers can give the students more attention and just about everybody is kind and respectful.
    — Austin B.
  • Bailey has helped me tremendously. If I hadn’t come to Bailey I would not have been able to finish high school and give my son the life he deserves. Bailey is full of chances.
    — Alex D.
  • Bailey is just an awesome school to go to. I highly recommend it to the people who feel like they should give up . The people and the experience is great!
    — Sarah C.
  • Being on top of the world doesn’t mean anything unless you know what it’s like to be at the bottom. You come to Bailey when you hit the bottom. The teachers and staff here show you that it’s nothing to get to the top!
    — Emonn R.